You may not be born as a Turkish citizen; but it does not mean that you cannot be one. The Turkish government offers a great opportunity to non-Turkish people for getting the privilege to become a Turkish citizen. Good thing is, it is not difficult at all. There are some steps you need to follow carefully to invest on unmovable real estates. It will take for a few months at most to complete all processes and paperwork to make yourself and your loved ones a citizen of Turkish Republic.

 For citizenship candidates, who are in search of a complete guidance, this article explains every single detail to become a Turkish citizen via property investment in Turkey.

 First of all, let us mention the investment amount. Minimum real estate investment amount  of obtaining Turkish citizenship to yourself, your wife and your children under 18 years old is $ 250.000. You heard right, you can become a Turkish citizen and enjoy the privileges only for the price of a house. Let us take a look at the process and what steps you should take one by one.

Turkish Citizenship

1- Get a Tax Registration Number

To start everything, the first thing you need is a tax registration number. All the process will be depending on that. It is not a complicated process and the tax number can be obtained from any tax office in Turkey. You only need to make an application with your original passport, passport copy and updated photograph. It is rather a simple and quick step.

2- Open a Bank Account in a Turkish Bank

After getting your tax number, you will need a bank account that is opened in any of the Turkish banks in order to manage all your monetary transactions. It is a very simple step, requiring minimum time. You need to apply to any branch of a any Turkish bank with your passport and tax registration number that you obtained before. You will also need to state your current address with  an official document such as a certificate of residence, bill, etc…

3- Pick Your Property to Buy

Now is the best step, property hunting. You can invest on any unmovable real estate, there is no limitation. The only thing to keep in mind is that the worth of the property should be at least $ 250.000, or equivalent amount of Turkish Liras. You can buy one or multiple estates to fulfill this amount. It can be a property that is ready to use or it can be on building process, close the completion. Make sure you make your choice very carefully, as you will need to keep it for at least 3 years. The property should pass all official evaluations to receive an habitation licence.

4- Complete the Buying Process of Your Property

Now you completed all the steps before actually completing your investment. You got your tax number, opened your bank account, picked the best real estate to buy. Now it is time to seal the deal. You should complete the money transaction for the payment of the property. You also need to obtain the proof of the transaction like a payment receipt. You need to get the title deed registry to officialize the completion of your investment. You also need to notarize the sales contract with a note stating that the property cannot be sold by you for at least 3 years. Now you got your property, it is time to start the citizenship process.

5- Complete the Official Valuation Process for Your Property

You should now have the authorized people have run an Official Valuation Survey for your new estate in or der to determine the value of it. Then you will register your property under your name. You need to apply to the Ministry of Environment and Urbanization with your identification documents, the title deed and the payment proof.

6- Get Your Permit of Residency

If you would like to live in Turkey meanwhile, you can obtain a short-term residency permit. This does not mean you have to, you may not stay in Turkey for the period you try to get the citizenship.

7- Start the Citizenship Application Process

Everything is settled for the citizenship application process. The next step is to collect the necessary documents and apply to the Directorate General of Migration Management. You will also provide your biometrics, the finger prints on this step.


The list of the required documents can be checked below:

*Certificate of Birth 

*Certificate of Marriage

*12 biometric photographs with white backround


It is as simple as this, 7 step to follow carefully and you will get your Turkish citizenship in the blink of an eye. All research, investment and paperwork process takes maximum 3-4 months and you can collect the fresh Turkish IDs.

Before finalizing this article, we would like to remind you some of the most important points one more time.

*Remember, you will need to keep the property/properties you invested on for at least 3 years. You cannot sell them for any reason whatsoever throughout this period.

*After 3 years, you can sell your estate(s), your Turkish citizenship will still be valid.

*The candidate of Turkish citizenship will grant citizenship for his wife/her husband and their children under 18 years old.

*In order to complete this process, you do not have to be physically present in Turkey. You can still live in your current place of residency and still obtain your citizenship.

*After you received Turkish ID and passports and completed the 3 year process, you, your life partner and your children will be Turkish citizens for the rest of their lives. Any children you may have after getting the citizenship will be born as Turkish.

*You can still be the citizen of another country while you are a Turkish citizen.

We hope this content was useful for you. Turkey is waiting you with open arms with its most helpful, tolerant and warm-hearted people. It is very easy to become of them and obtain a Turkish citizenship for yourself and your family. You can follow 7 steps mentioned above, you can work with professional consultancy offices, you can get assistance from property investment specialist who are professional regarding these processes. Take the first step and decide, the next 7 steps are very easy to follow to carry you to your dreams.


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