• Invest 250.000$ in Real Estate and 
  • Become Turkish Citizen
  • IN 90 DAYS


Steps to get Turkish CITIZENSHIP

Tax Registration Number

Within 1 Hour we will get your Tax ID

Opening A Bank Account

Only Passport Required To Open a Turkish Bank Account.

Pick a Property To Buy

We will show you all the properties that are suitable for Turkish Citizenship

Valuation Report

Before you do the full payment, your property will be valuated by the government assigned officers to make sure that you are not paying more than the actual property value.

Payment and Tittle Deed

After the full payment, we will get your tittle deed issued under your name

Residency Permit

We will apply to get a Residency Permit for you to stay in Turkey while waiting to get your Turkish Passport

Applying for Turkish Citizenship

Our Lawyer will apply and follow up all your process for getting Turkish Citizenship for you and for your famly in 90 Days

Turkish Passport

We will visit you in your new home and handover all your passports

Required Documents

  • Birth Certificate ( For Each Family Member)
  • Marriage Certificate 
  • 8 x Biometric Pictures 
  • Passport Copies for Each Family Member



Property Anatolia
  • Property Anatolia